Reproductive Health center and Girls club

Twogere (Speak out) Girls club was started at Budondo Intercultural Center. Girls have been meeting every day with Liesl (USA), doing games, mountains climbing, telling stories, listening skills and also had practical sessions with listening skills. They right now meet every Saturday and will learn theater skills. More to come about their expectations and hopes.

2 thoughts on “Reproductive Health center and Girls club

  1. Hello!

    I’m a masterstudent in textile art at the university of Gothenburg in Sweden, north Europe. Now I’m planing to do a study trip to east Africa in the begining of next year. I will visit Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. I will come to Uganda in the begining of March.

    Now I wonder if I could come and visit you and se how you work? I have heard about you work trough my mentors and friends Åse Bjurström and Karin Höeg.

    It would meen a lot to me if I could come and se how you work. Maybe having som kind of worhshop together with a group of people in some kind of textile technique or something if you would be interested in that?

    Best regards,

    Frida Gregemar

    • Wow! Thank you Frida. This is Denis, sorry for the late reply but I hope you got in touch with Mukisa, the BI Center coordinator. I’m Denis Muwanguzi, the ICT and Suubi women’s reproductive health care project coordinator – BI Center. I’m pleased to hear from. I was told about you. It will be very great to come, I think we shall have a lot to share.

      It will be a new exciting experience.

      All the best and hope to see you.

      Thank you


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