The Government Inspector

The Government Inspector play by Gogol N. is a play about greed and Corruption. Our idea emerged under a mango tree in Budondo, Uganda during a workshop within the network Intercultural Entrepreneurship for sustainable development. Facebook group link:

Now there are over twenty groups that will play the play The Government Inspector. Doing so we will share the process of working with the play with amongst other means some filmed material from each group. We will also try to stimulate local discussions on corruption and economical sustainability. Hopefully a lot of new threads will come out of this. Each group are to add material here on this blog at the latest the 14th of May, then we have a week to look at all the material and chose what are topics that we would like to further is, then on the 21-22 of May we have an Open Space session on blog: – Ase

You are indeed all welcome 🙂