Global Advocate at Budondo Intercultural Center

Bi Center is working with Helen Seely, a global advocate from Mama Hope – a non-profit organization based in California in the US. The construction process, in her presence, has got a new gear and speed towards completion. Thumbs up for Helen and Mama Hope.

You can visit her web site :
And learn more…


Twogere Girls Club Seminar

Twogere Girls’ Club, a Suubi Reproductive Health Project department, conducted a 5 days seminar from 7th – 11th December 2013 with members of the girls club in Budondo – Uganda. The major areas covered were; learning how to make re-usable sanitary pads, using theater and/or puppetry as a tool of communication, sewing of hand bags through recycling polyethene bags and threads and training in adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights. The seminar was possible through the support of Deni Drinkwater, a teacher from Chicago public Schools who also worked with these girls for 3 weeks in mask and puppet making alongside health talks in the areas of sexual and reproductive health.

Below is a photo during a group work and the seminar report.



The Government Inspector

The Government Inspector play by Gogol N. is a play about greed and Corruption. Our idea emerged under a mango tree in Budondo, Uganda during a workshop within the network Intercultural Entrepreneurship for sustainable development. Facebook group link:

Now there are over twenty groups that will play the play The Government Inspector. Doing so we will share the process of working with the play with amongst other means some filmed material from each group. We will also try to stimulate local discussions on corruption and economical sustainability. Hopefully a lot of new threads will come out of this. Each group are to add material here on this blog at the latest the 14th of May, then we have a week to look at all the material and chose what are topics that we would like to further is, then on the 21-22 of May we have an Open Space session on blog: – Ase

You are indeed all welcome 🙂

Peer Education

Women getting better with English speaking… thanks to Mukisa Bernard.

I was thinking of along side having the training for Suubi women, could also have girls trained in Peer Education. I’ve just finished my training in Peer Education and Bsc Public Health as well. We could afterwords have peer educators in schools around us (project area).

We shall see how it will all go… its just an idea.

Reproductive Health center and Girls club

Twogere (Speak out) Girls club was started at Budondo Intercultural Center. Girls have been meeting every day with Liesl (USA), doing games, mountains climbing, telling stories, listening skills and also had practical sessions with listening skills. They right now meet every Saturday and will learn theater skills. More to come about their expectations and hopes.

Report for the workshop held at the Budondo Intercultural Center

A workshop was held at the Budondo Intercultural Center in Uganda from 6th -20th Jan 2011. Participants came from various areas in Uganda and the US.

Games: Mecca (inset) led the group through various theatre games, then through Forum Theatre and Playback Theatre. At one time participants divided themselves into smaller groups of 3 and each person in the group told a Continue reading

A touch with the community.

So important to inform you that BI Center is going to have an interaction with the community, through open discussions, a live peformance and priorization more discusson about the Women’s Reproductive health care project. On monday at 3:00PM, most of the BI Center members from all over the country are going to meet out with the rest of the great Budondo community members.

Catch up later with photos and klips of the meeting!!